Rice Farming

Rice Harvest ~ Circa 1980

Harvesting rice in the Carriere Family Farms fields

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, Carriere Family Farms continues the tradition of growing quality California rice. Currently, we are in the fifth generation and we are proud of the operation we have become over the last several decades.

We manage and farm rice acreage in Glenn and Butte counties, a majority of which are medium grain Cal Rose varieties. We take pride in our efforts to be environmentally friendly by choosing not to burn rice straw after harvest. Instead, the straw is tilled back into the soil to provide necessary nutrients for future crops. In addition, we have installed solar panels to provide power for the water pumps in the fields.

From the hand-built harvester made by Wilfred Carriere in the 1950’s to the state of the art machinery that runs today, we exemplify tradition and innovation with each rice harvest that passes. Most importantly, we take pride in our history as we look forward to a future of providing healthy product for years to come.

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