Solar, Composting and By-Product Power!

Carriere Family Farms is proud to be working towards more environmentally sustainable operations. With the implementation of 29 solar projects over the last several years, we are on our way to “off the grid” status.  Our panels provide 90% of our annual electricity for several of our facilities, including the huller/dryer in Glenn and water pumps for our nearby rice fields.

Our current solar projects, located throughout our facilities, fields, and orchards, generate nearly a megawatt of energy. That’s enough to power over 122 households for a full year! We are lucky to be the sun filled environment of California to take advantage of this natural resource. California sunshine… the gift that keeps on giving!

We utilize previously wasted by-products by turning our walnut hulls into compost to improve soil health and using walnut shells for applications across industries.

First installed in 2008, Carriere Family Farms’s traditional photovoltaic solar arrays now provide 90% of our electricity while our robust composting program improves soil health across our orchards.

Carriere Family Farms is located in Glenn, California, in the Sacramento Valley. We work closely with local growers to maintain excellent product quality from soil health in the orchards through the packaging process. Carriere Family Farms grows ten different varieties of English Walnuts, including Chandler, Howard, and Hartley. We have decades of experience selling and shipping high quality inshell and kernel walnuts around the world. Our new state-of-the-art processing facility will efficiently provide quality products to our customers across the globe.
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