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Harvested this season and hand selected to ensure freshness and quality…

Your order will be carefully packaged and shipped from our Glenn, California processing facilities.  Carriere Family Farms and Borges of California offer both Inshell and Shelled Walnuts.  All products are available in Borges of California or Carriere Family Farms brand packaging.  All wholesale/bulk products listed below are available in pallet quantities or greater.

In Shell Walnuts

Sizes Available

Jumbo (32mm), Large (30mm), Medium (28mm), Baby (26mm)

Bleached Hartley   25 kgs.   |   50 lbs.   |   10 kgs.

Natural Hartley   25 kgs.   |   50 lbs.   |   10 kgs.

Natural Chandler   25 kgs.   |   50 lbs.   |   10 kgs.

Natural Howard   25 kgs.   |   50 lbs.  |   10 kgs.

Bleached California Variety   25 kgs.   |   50 lbs.  |   10 kgs.

Natural California Variety   25 kgs.   |   50 lbs.  |   10 kgs.

Shelled Walnuts

Light Halves 80% or better   |   22 lbs.

Light Halves & Pieces 10%-60% (percentage based on customer specification)   |   25 lbs.

Light Large Pieces   |   25 lbs.

Light Medium Pieces   |   30 lbs.

Light Small Pieces   |   30 lbs.

Light Topping Pieces   |   30 lbs.

Combo Halves & Pieces 15%-18%   |   25 lbs.

Combo Large Pieces   |   25 lbs.

Combo Medium Pieces   |   30 lbs.

Combo Small Pieces   |   30 lbs.

Combo Topping Pieces   |   30 lbs.

Contact us for pricing and availability.
Carriere Family Farms is located in Glenn, California, in the Sacramento Valley. We work closely with local growers to maintain excellent product quality from soil health in the orchards through the packaging process. Carriere Family Farms grows ten different varieties of English Walnuts, including Chandler, Howard, and Hartley. We have decades of experience selling and shipping high quality inshell and kernel walnuts around the world. Our new state-of-the-art processing facility will efficiently provide quality products to our customers across the globe.
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