Mission and Core Values



Trust, Respect and Teamwork~ Values that endure through five generations of Carriere family farmers

Carriere Family Farms honors God in all we do.  We are a globally-trusted family business, providing healthy high-quality products and services.  Our workplace inspires growth, teamwork, continuous improvement, and world class performance.  We maximize value through the effectiveness of our people, processes, long-term relationships, and financial resources.

Core Values

  • Trust in One Another and Our Faith
    • We do the right thing, not the easy thing
    • We treat each person with respect and dignity
    • We respect each person’s choice of spirituality
  • Family Tradition
    • We strive to carry on our family tradition of contributing positively to the quality of life for our families, employees, and the communities where we conduct business
    • We support our communities through service, volunteerism, and philanthropy
    • Our enthusiastic spirit enriches our work environment with teamwork, fun, and a can-do attitude
  • Company Culture
    • We keep effective lines of communication open throughout the organization
    • We follow through on promises, lead by example, and challenge each other
    • We conduct ourselves in a sincere, honorable and genuine manner
  • People Development
    • We support people to do their best every day to achieve their goals
    • We are committed to developing our people through regular learning and advancement opportunities
    • We empower individuals and rely on them to use their capabilities safely and responsibly
  • Grow Responsibly
    • We act as good stewards of our financial and natural resources
    • We seek quality and value in all we do
    • We continue to grow, improve and innovate