Mission and Core Values



Honesty, Integrity and Quality ~ Values that endure through five generations of Carriere family farmers

Carriere Family Farms strives to be the best and most trusted family-owned business in Northern California. We are a producer, processor, buyer and marketer of agriculture commodities with a direct link to the global marketplace. We are positioned to maximize value to the grower by providing high quality walnuts, almonds, rice, olive oil and related services to our customers.

Core Values

  • Communication ~ We maintain effective lines of communication with all members of the organization in order to foster collaboration and keep everyone informed. We strive for timely communication that is courteous and unbiased.
  • Integrity ~ We make decisions and act on those decisions based on what is right.
  • Respect ~ We show respect to all individuals without regard to race, religion or gender, and treat each individual with human dignity. When we challenge each other, it is always with respect.
  • Safety ~ We have pledged ourselves to foster a culture of “safety first” in all that we do.
  • Accountability ~ We empower individuals and rely on them to use their capabilities responsibly. We follow through on promises and lead by example.
  • Honesty ~ We conduct all of our business dealings in a sincere, honorable, fair and genuine fashion.
  • Quality and Excellence ~ We seek quality in all that we do and have the passion to do our best in each moment.
  • Developing Talented People ~ We are committed to nurturing talent through continuous learning and advancement opportunities that align our people with the company’s vision.
  • Teamwork and Fun ~ Our enthusiastic spirit enriches our work environment with teamwork, contagious enthusiasm, timely communication and a can-do attitude.
  • Perpetuate our Family Tradition ~ We strive to carry on the family tradition of contributing positively to the quality of life for our families, employees and the communities where we conduct our business.