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We salute the generations of men and women who came before us for their hard work, and we honor their vision and the legacy they have left us. Every day we strive to live up to their high standards as we carry on their rich farming heritage. Over the years, we have farmed a variety of crops, starting with rice and including almonds, walnuts and most recently, olives. Although we are now primarily growers and processors of walnuts, we continue to farm other crops around Glenn County. As more and more family members join Carriere Family Farms, we remain true to our farming roots and we pass down our cherished values and traditions to the younger generations.

1890 In search of farm work in Glenn County, Albini Carriere arrives in Northern California from Canada. He soon finds work as a ranch hand on the Spooner Ranch.

1893 Albini and Rosanna Carriere Albini marries Rosanna Spooner on November 15, 1893. They move to a small farm near the Sacramento River and live the lives of typical farm laborers. They have five children: Anna, Wilfred, Isadore, Victor and Edmond.

Wilfred and Martha Carriere Wilfred Carriere, known as “Papa” in his later years, marries Martha Maissonave on November 18, 1922. They have three children: Mildred, Herbert and Richard.

1930 100307_franklin_roosevelt_ap_218 Wilfred purchases several hundred acres of potential rice land from Bank of America. He starts prepping the rough land for rice and row crops. Papa established a reputation for being a hardworking, responsible farmer. During the depression a lot of land was turned over to irrigation districts and the banks because the owners couldn’t pay the taxes. Rice growing was just being established in the Sacramento Valley at that time. Papa had been struggling just to make ends meet and doubted whether farming was worth it. Because of his love for farming he started developing a rice operation. With the backing of Bank of America he bought 200 acres of potential rice ground and began to clear it to make rice paddies.

1960 Welcome to Glenn County vintage sign “Welcome back to Glenn County…” Herb and Richard (Dick) move back to farm in Glenn after graduating from UC Davis. Papa insisted they get a good education because he had only been able to finish the eighth grade.

1963 A sunny day along the Sacramento River, Glenn County, 1963 A milestone in the history of Carriere Family Farms, Herb buys a 30-acre walnut orchard along the Sacramento River in near his parents’ home in December 1963. He works to develop the first walnut orchards despite his Papa’s skepticism at farming this new crop.

1967 Rice Harvester, 1967 Herb and Dick form Carriere Brothers to combine the established rice and walnut operations. Dick is put in charge of the rice operation and Herb is in charge of the walnut division. Although Papa officially retired in 1967, he never missed a day of work until the day he passed away in 1999 at 100 years old!

1974 Walnut Processing 1974 Every year the company grows stronger. Another major expansion comes in 1974 when Carriere Brothers utilizes one of the barns on the property to further expand and vertically integrate the walnut operation by building a walnut huller and dehydrator.

1986 Partnering with the Borges Brothers A partnership is formed with Borges S.A. of Spain to manage their orchards located in Butte City. Pictured are the owners of Borges S.A. (L-R), Antonio, Ramon, and Jose Pont

1990-2000 Aerial view of Carriere Family Farms processing facility in Glenn County, CA Business expands to include more walnut and rice acreage as well as additional processing. With the passing of Herb Carriere in 1998 and Wilfred Carriere in 1999, the company makes the decision to continue to expand the business and take on more partners to continue the spirit and family farming tradition set forth by Albini, Wilfred and Herb.

2000 Hand sorting fresh Carriere walnuts in 2000 Another successful partnership with Borges of California results in our inshell processing plant in Glenn.

2006 A view of the dryers Carriere Family Farms opens its walnut shelling facility.

2010 In the Carriere packaging department We move from our old shop (constructed in the 50s by Wilfred Carriere) to a new shop, built to handle big equipment and fabricate machinery for the farm..

2013 Our main office, built in the style of the early 1900s farmhouse We move into our new office in Glenn. The addition and renovation is designed to the maintain the style of the original structure, originally built in 1910.