Walnut Processing

Vertical Integration

In 2000, Carriere Family Farms, LLC  made the transition from grower to processor and marketer of California walnuts. In October of that same year, we partnered with Borges of California and opened an inshell plant to process California walnuts. Since then, we have continuously increased the quantity of inshell walnuts we process, pack and ship.

In Shell and Shelling Lines

After six years of experience and expansion, we launched a shelling line in 2006 to complement our walnut processing operations. The sheller added an exciting new dimension to our operation. Typically, the inshell market is all about speed and getting the walnuts packed and shipped before November 1 to meet the inshell market needs in Europe. The shelling market, however, requires a steady flow of goods, which keeps us shelling and packing most of the year. With the recent addition of a new concrete storage building and a cold storage facility, we can now ensure the highest quality as we receive and store product. Having an inshell and shelling plant has made Borges of California and Carriere Family Farms, LLC a one-stop shop when it comes to fulfilling walnut customer order. We ship year-round and can handle pallet sales up to multiple truck loads. View our walnut product list.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to food safety here at Carriere Family Farms. Implementing proven technologies like Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and the HACCP system throughout all of our facilities ensures our adherence to food safety regulations every single day. Our talented employees take pride in understanding the needs and expectations of the market and our customers. When it comes to the ongoing demands of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), we maintain a safe and clean production environment day and night.

Achieving Global Certification

We are proud to be an SQF Level II certified facility.  The Safe Quality Food Institute is recognized worldwide by retailers and foodservice providers who require a rigorous, credible food safety management system. Using the SQF certification program streamlines assessment and improves the consistency of assessment standards. Additionally, the SQF Program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Learn more at the SQF Institute website.