Walnut Farming Overview


The Carriere family has been farming in Glenn County, California since 1890. This view through the branches of a Howard walnut tree is in a Carriere orchard in central Glenn County.

Carriere Family Farms has been in the walnut farming business since 1963 when Herb and Aileen Carriere bought their first orchard on the Sacramento River. Walnuts need deep well-drained soil to do well…
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Rice Farming

Growing rice for the Carriere Family has been a labor of love for over six decades and four generations. Wilfred Carriere (Papa) started in the rice farming business by clearing the ground of native trees with dynamite…
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Olive Farming

Carriere Family Farms planted their first oil olives in June 2004. The Carrieres selected fertile land in the Willows area which they felt…
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Almond Farming

Although almonds are not a major part of our farming operation, we do currently farm and manage several acres in Glenn County.  The soil in the area is conducive to growing a vigorous and great quality almond crop.  In addition, since almonds mature earlier than walnuts, it is a great transition crop for us to keep us busy throughout the harvest season.