Company Profile

Carriere Family Farms Partners: Jeni Carriere-LaDuke, Matt Doyle, Dick Carriere, Bill Carriere, Rick Enos, Gary Enos, Jason Enos

Headquarters: Glenn, California
President: William D. Carriere
Markets Served: California Shelled and Inshell Walnuts, Domestic and Export
Licensing: California Department of Food and Agriculture, California Department of Health Services: Food and Drugs
Industry Organizations: California Walnut Commission, California Walnut Board

Leadership and Strategy

Five generations of Carriere family farmers have contributed to the success and sustainability of our company. Since 1963, when Herb and Aileen Carriere bought their first orchard on the Sacramento River, we have refined the growing and processing of walnuts in order to provide a superior product to the global market.

We process walnuts from our own orchards and those of other growers in the area, continually planning for increased capacity while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our partnership with Borges Mediterranean Group, a major European food brand, created Borges of California and increased both our output and our opportunities for expansion as the market for California walnuts continues to grow.

Carriere Family Farms grows ten different varieties of English Walnuts. The main three varieties are Chandler, Howard and Hartley. Walnuts need deep, well-drained soil, and here along the banks of the Sacramento we plant our orchards in this fertile soil deposited over centuries by the water running down from the Sierra. Many of our orchards are newer high density plantings. The range of varieties allows us to harvest each variety at the peak of ripeness and stagger our harvest over two months.

During the busy harvest season, we often harvest an orchard twice: once early, to get the majority of the crop off at peak ripeness and quality, and then a second time 10 to 20 days later to collect the nuts that were not ready on the first pass.

Food Safety

From the orchards to the packaging department, we take the utmost care in maintaining a safe and clean environment in order to provide the safest product for our customers and their customers.

Following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system helps ensure the safety of our operations. Our systems are verified and audited by independent bodies to prove conformity and compliance with all the highest food safety, regulatory, and quality requirements. Read more about our food safety and quality assurance program…

Company Snapshot

  • Cali-Walnuts-200wEmploy 75 full-time employees, many who have been with us over 20 years
  • Employ 10 full-time family members representing the 3rd–5th generation of Carriere family farmers
  • Grow and manage walnut orchards in Glenn and Colusa Counties
  • Process both in-shell and shelled walnuts
  • Ship walnuts domestically and internationally under the Carriere Family Farms and Borges of California brands
  • Member, California Walnut Commission, California Walnut Board

Environmental Stewardship

  • No-Burn Philosophy
    Carriere Family Farms has been shredding and/or chipping all of the prunings from the orchards to eliminate the smoke pollution that results from burning each year. Both of these management techniques are part of the integrated pest management approach that we hope will sustain our quality product and the life of our orchards for the next generation.
  • Solar Power
    In 2002 we installed a “Solar Wall,” which preheats the air entering the dryer with heat from the sun’s rays. This simple, yet effective addition to our dryer roof cut our natural gas usage by 12% without increasing our drying times. Additionally, in 2008 we completed the installation of traditional solar panels to provide 90% of our electric usage for several of our facilities including our shelling & in-shell facilities, our huller and dryer.  Currently we have 23 solar arrays in 10 different locations throughout our operation.

Our Mission

Carriere Family Farms strives to be the best and most trusted family-owned business in Northern California. We are a producer, processor, buyer and marketer of agriculture commodities with a direct link to the global marketplace. We are positioned to maximize value to the grower by providing high quality walnuts, almonds, rice, olive oil and related services to our customers.